Sex before work

31 Dec

So when I was younger I could have sex any where, any time and be totally great after. Now mind you I waited till I was eighteen to even have sex. Still it was always the best feeling. Where could we do it? How long would it take? Could we get done before anyone else showed up? Did anyone here us? I’ve done it in some of the strangest places and I have done some of the strangest things. I’ve never been shy and I have never been quite. I have always been open about my sex life with nothing to hide.

Now I am thirty-three and married and have one child. I am also female and annoyingly hormonal. There are sometimes I just really am not in the mood to have sex, like at all. Sometimes this mood can last days, weeks and even months. My husband gets annoyed and pissed off when this happens, but he still stays and loves me. We do have an open marriage, but he has never taken advantage of it (he is crazy I know. I can be a total bitch sometimes). He always tries to have sex like right before I have to get up for work because he says “I want you to be able to sleep before work”. Awesome that’s grate, but it annoys me more being woke up before my alarm on days I work (once again I know total bitch).

Well I finally gave in and we did it (baby, no baby we will see). Well I even took a shower and put clean cloths on and smell goods, but I still feel like sex. I don’t know how I worked threw my twenties and managed to keep a job because I sure the hell didn’t care back then. I’m sore in places that shouldn’t be sore at work. I’m drained from more then just having a two year old and not gonna lie it wasn’t the best sex I have ever had with him. I don’t know if it’s because I’m old or my body has changed since having a kid, but it just really wasn’t working for me this morning.

All I can say is sex before work is not my cup of tea anymore and it’s gonna be hard explaining that to my husband.

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