New Year Less Work Bitching

31 Dec

So where I work it’s like High School all over again. I have decided I’m gonna focus less on bitching about the people at work and focus more on enjoying what I do. I am however still going to bitch it’s just going to be online. What else is blogging for. The theme is New Year, New Me right?

My annoyance today is Mr and Mrs Best. They will be the first people to tell you they are the total best at their job (get the name). He does he job better then anyone else just ask him (he has told me this before). She is the only one that can do her job right no one else knows how to (also has been told to me many times).

I have been working at my job for a year now and before this I was a manager at a shitty place with no respect. I know full well I am not the best at my job. There are days I really don’t give a shit and come in because I know I get paid. That being said I know what my job is. Come in help customers, fold cloths, stock and clean. That’s it, there is nothing else we have to do. This is seriously the easiest thing I have ever done and as long as I come in on time and don’t miss to many days I will always have a job.

Well Mr Best is painfully slow and does not do everything he is supposed to. We ask for things and they never show up or we are told he is not coming back to the store. Mrs Best will load a cart and drop it off saying “Hey can can you put this away I have to go somewhere else” even though she hasn’t been upstairs at all that day or will tell us we need to do something that 1. Isn’t our job or 2. She has no authority to tell us.

I know who my boss’s are and I for sure know what the hell my job is. The fact that you need to inform me of it when I know you don’t do yours annoys the fuck out of me. There have been other people who do the same job as them and work twice as hard as them that never bitch and never complain that are becoming upset because they are having to cover what Mr and Mrs Best aren’t doing.

No one ever tell the boss people because they don’t wanna cause problems. No one ever says anything to them because they always have a reason. Now Mr Best wants only four days because he is overworked and Mrs Best is over her job because she has so so things “That aren’t her job”. Are you serious, grow up. I was a manager and did three hundred times the work I was hired to do. It’s life and it happens at every job. Ether this is their first job or they are delusional and do not know how the work World works.

This is not the first time I have been annoyed by them and I am one hundred percent sure it won’t be the last. What I am sure of is, it is more relaxing and less stressful to bitch and complain here.

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    December 31, 2017 at 11:43 am



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