Only The Braindead Travel

09 Dec

To start out I work in an airport and I truly love my job. Now I know some people just say that, but I actually do. I look forward to going in the morning and I am actually interested in how things are changing.

Now with that being said the moment people hit the front door. Not even past security, I mean just the front glass doors. It’s like all the brain power they normally have in their every day lives is gone.

Passenger 1 “Where are the restrooms?”

Me “Right over there next to that store”

Now we have HUGE signs that say this, but nope never fails they ask.

Passenger 2 “Where is the exit?”

Me “Right over there”

Once again we have HUGE signs that say this.

Passenger 3 “Are there places to eat here?”

Me “Yes right that way”

Nope not at all just HUGE signs that say food that way.

Passenger 4 “I have a problem with my ticket. Is there someone you can get ahold of for me?”

Me “I’m sorry you will have to talk to someone at &$;&(@:! counter”

No where on anything does it say I can help with any airline problems.

There are so many more stories and questions. Maybe in 30 years when I retire I will write a book on every braindead thing people say, ask or do at the airport.

I get that flying is stressful and I get that things get messed up, but seriously all it takes is 5 seconds to look and pay attention to your surroundings. Maybe it’s because I have been traveling since I was born, but it has never crossed my mind to belittle the people who work at the airport because I’m in a pissy mood.

Like I stated only the braindead travel because I almost guaranty they same person who is an braindead jerk at the airport is nothing like that in the real world. Yes there may be some who are and they know they are, but most are not, it’s just the airport. The airport truly turns the best of em braindead.


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2 responses to “Only The Braindead Travel

  1. galby68

    December 9, 2017 at 6:38 am

    I generally say that people’s’ minds and bodies don’t necessarily arrive and depart at the same time. I’m sure I would be the same-ok, no, I wouldn’t. But I can see where people heading somewhere like Hawaii are already mentally there before their flights leave the ground here!

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    • Gigglesaway84

      December 9, 2017 at 6:52 am

      Sometimes I wonder where on my badge it says info center. I keep looking but I really can’t find it.

      Liked by 1 person


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