Double Standards

05 Dec

Nothing is ever equal

One is expected to pay their own way

One gets everything handed to them

One suffers with nothing

One has everything

One must walk

One gets a ride

One must fight to move forward

One slides on by

One gets more because of what’s between their legs

One gets none

One begs for food

One throws it away

One is judged for who they love

One loves who they want

One is looked down on because of color

One gets a free ride because of theirs

One is hated because of nationality

One is loved and does nothing

One is hated because of their beliefs

One is praised, but believes in hate

Double standards are a part of us. They are inside of everyone. We may not show it, we may not say it, but every single one of us has been hurt by it or has done it ourselves. Whether we like it or not it’s how we are raised. All we do is move forward and educate the next generation on having an open mind and maybe, just maybe there will be a little less


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