January 20

20 Jan

It’s been awhile because I have been sick. I have a strong hate for my sinuses. I love the smell of fresh rain and home cooked food, but every single winter for as long as I can remember I get sick because of crap running down my throat. I feel dead to the world and like my eye balls are gonna pop out of my head because of the pressure. The fact that I have to go to work feeling this way makes it even worse. DayQuil and NightQuil are my best friends this time of year. I may feel drugged as hell, but at least I can work.
Work has been ok. It has been super slow due to the off season so there are not a lot of flights and I don’t get a lot of hours. The crew is getting better at closing so it’s not taking as long to get out of there.
Spent my days off at my friends house just to get away since I have been sick for two weeks. I unpacked most of her house and now it actually looks like someone lives there. My friend doesn’t want roommates, but also won’t stay at her house alone so she stays with her boyfriend all the time. I am hoping this way she will spend more time at home.
Things with my husband are ok. I think we are living in a comfortable co existence. We have not been fighting and have actually been talking, but there is something that is missing. I still do not feel comfortable having sex in out house with a bunch of roommates. I don’t know why I hate the thought of it, but I do. We will see what happens when we go to Alcatraz in February for my birthday. Maybe I will finally feel comfortable and we will have sex again.
Well off to work I go.

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