January 14

14 Jan

See I already failed. I am a manager at McDonalds and I work evenings so I don’t get home till midnight and then I sleep till I have to go to work. I missed yesterday and I actually feel really bad and I just started this.
So where do I start today. Let’s start with work. I work at the airport and at the moment we are very slow and I don’t have a lot of people working which means the people I do have working have to work overtime to get everything done. The kids have been doing really well though. I call them the kids because I am 30 and they are all younger then me. I find that I am a strange on and I actually love my job. I don’t want to leave my job and I know that in 30 or 40 years when I retire I can retire from a job I love. Yes it’s fast food and yes it’s a crap job sometimes, but I enjoy it and look forward to coming in each day.
Working at the airport has its ups and downs. I get to see amazing people and people from all over the world, but I also have to deal with grumpy people who are very unhappy about their flights for one reason or another.
It’s cold here and I think I’m coming down with the “winter crap that sucks”. I hate not feeling good and having to work. I wish I could be a cry baby and not work and just stay home, but now I have to be a stupid adult and make money to pay bills and crap. God remember when we were kids and wished we were adults. Nope I take it back I wanna be 5 and take naps and not care about anything.
Well there’s my pointless rant for the day.

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