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28 Jan

So where I work we have some people who have been here like a hundred and fifty years. Some of them are amazing and some of them are the “I have worked here so long doing the same thing I don’t believe in change” Well we also get new people in. Now most the time the new people rotate like water. We have a extremely easy job but “I get paid better somewhere else” always comes up.

Back to my point not for the first time and probably not for the last time one of our millennial children that works for us told one of our seasoned veterans HOW TO DO THEIR JOB. Mrs Smile has been her almost twenty years and she is actually one of the amazing ones I work with. Her and Mr Smile have both been here almost twenty years. Yes at the same company and yes they both say this is the worst it has been.

Having new millennials (no you don’t get a name till you have worked here six months) said he needed to go tell these wearhouse guys how to do their job because things weren’t being don’t correctly. Another millennial told Mrs Smile she needed to do something different then how she was stocking and needed to help THEM. One she is not here to do your job for you and second seriously your going to tell ether one of them how to do their job. They could both do their jobs while dancing circles around you and You still couldn’t keep up.

Never in my life was I taught yes tell your elders (no matter how old or how incompetent) how to do their job. One you never know the reason WHY they are doing it that way. Two no matter how incompetent they are older then you and that is insanely disrespectful. Yes I would love to bitch and complain and tell a lot of them they aren’t doing their job, but nope not happening.

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