January 3rd, plus a couple days

06 Jan

As of January 3rd I have been at my place of employment a full year. I had planned on writing this on the 3rd, but I was sick and it just wasn’t happening.

In the year I have been here I have seen so many things. I have seen people doing things they shouldn’t. I have seen people doing more then they should. I have seen people get acknowledged for good and bad. I have become friends with people I never thought I would and had disagreements with them also.

At this job I get sick pay, holiday pay and vacation pay. All of which I am not used to. I have been working since I was 14 and this is one of the first jobs that actual fallows the rules and takes care of their people.

I have an easy job stock, clean, fold shirts and ring people up. It is one of the simplest jobs I have ever worked. And since I now have a two year old I am perfectly fine with it. In thirty years when I retire I will have a retirement fund and I never ever dreamed of that.

Working this job my daughter is taken care of. My house bills are paid and we finally may be able to build our credit enough to actually buy a house.

All of the teenagers (and some adults) that complain “Oh we don’t get paid enough” and “Oh this job is just to hard for me” I am so confused by. Yes I could go get a job that pays more, but I’m 90% sure I would hate it. I’ve been a manager and I’ve worked in a wearhouse and call center. I have hated each of those jobs and they stress me out.

After a year I have seen the ups and downs. For now I’m gonna stay and focus on building a future. Here’s to another 29 (or so) years.


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2 responses to “January 3rd, plus a couple days

  1. galby68

    January 6, 2018 at 8:17 am

    I love this.



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