Hallyu Idol

06 Nov

Hair check
Make-up check
Cloths check

Cameras are flashing
People are talking

So many people are watching
So many people are waiting

Did she really do that
Is he really with her
Were they really there

With everyone one around there is still an emptiness

That feeling of you can I trust

Remembering a time when running down the street to get ice cream met getting on your bike and going, not where is the security and do I need a hat and glasses to hide

Being able to go out for a walk and get ice cream or eat at the local market because you know how good it smells from your window

Want to feel her hand as you stand next to each other, but no one knows she is “THAT PERSON”

Feeling his lips on your neck when he is standing be hide you beaming so proud with love, but no one can see it

To many there is one face, one personality and one life

To me there is a women who wants to be an adult, but the world won’t let her

A man who wants to love a women, but the people won’t let him

A child that wants to take photos with her friends, but the cameras won’t stop

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Posted by on November 6, 2014 in Kpop, Life


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