I’m Lovin It

21 Jul

You complain about my job. You tell me how meaningless my job is and how worthless it is. Yet when I ask what you ate you say a Big Mac and fries. You tell me how degrading my job is yet when I ask you where you are you say drive threw. You tell me I should look for a job where I would get paid more, but when I ask what your gonna eat with your $3 dollars you say dollar menu.

So don’t bitch about my job. Don’t tell me how worthless my job is. Don’t tell me how crappy it is where I work. Don’t tell me it sucks that I have to do this or that. Don’t tell me I’m stupid for keeping my job.

If it wasn’t for me coming to my job everyday you would not bed able to get your fat fix.

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Posted by on July 21, 2014 in Work


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