14 Jul

So I will admit I am hooked. The first video I ever say was G-Dragon “Crayon”. I had never watched such a colorful and addicting video. The kpop world is so different than  anything I have ever seen in the US. They don’t cuss unless there is a 19+ stamped on it and even then they hardly do. They are sexy but classy also. They bow to their elders no matter who they are and they have more respect for their family and fans then I have ever seen. When they mess up or do something wrong the pull themselves out of the line light for months even years to reflect. The reason I listen to them and not others is because I respect them and their music unlike most American music today. Korea might have its own problems it’s working on but they sure the hell know how to make music and dramas.

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Posted by on July 14, 2014 in Kpop


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